Ruby J Murray

Writer, journalist, peripatetic

I’m an Australian author, journalist, and the Head of Content at MICRO.

This website has collected bits and clips. And a link to a lot of broken glass.


MICRO is what would have happened if Ray Eames had a love child with a Natural History Museum. We're working to redesign the traditional museum model, and bring science to the people.

Here's our Smallest Mollusk Museum on display at the New Museum in NYC.

1 MICRO - Museum_v2.jpg

Check out more about the project here.


Running Dogs is based in Indonesia, and explores the fraught relationship between Australian aid workers and Jakartan culture. It was released in 2012 through Scribe, and is represented by Fiona Inglis at Curtis Brown.

The Biographer's Lover is being released in 2018 through Black Ink.

For press surrounding the release, please check out the Black Inc. website


I appear regularly as a moderator and panelist at venues and events including The Wheeler Centre, the Melbourne Writer’s Festival, the Emerging Writers’ Festival, Women of Letters, the Melbourne Free University, the Future Writer’s Festival, the World Matters Festival, and the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in Bali, Indonesia.

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Photo courtesy the ever-excellent Elwyn Online

Contact: rubytuesdaymurray[at]gmail[dot]com

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