The Biographer's Lover

Black Inc, 2019

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‘An accomplished and moving novel about the gaps left in our inherited history, and the imperfect storytellers we entrust to fill them. So beautifully constructed that I finished reading it, and immediately turned to the first chapter to start again.’ – Abigail Ulman

‘Murray is a magical storyteller.’ —Brenda Niall

‘Murray asks some serious questions about the value of women in our society - their suffering and achievements -- and challenges the mythologies built around national icons and masculinity such as sporting heroes and the ANZACs.’  ★★★★★ – Books+Publishing

‘The Biographer’s Lover is an elegant examination of the validity of memory.’ — The AU Review


When a young writer is hired to put together the life of an unknown artist from Geelong, of all places, she thinks it will be just another quick commission paid for by a rich, grieving family obsessed with their own past.

But Edna Cranmer was not a privileged housewife with a paintbrush. Edna’s work spans decades. Her soaring images of red dirt, close interiors and distant jungles have the potential to change the way the nation views itself.

Edna could have been an official war artist. Did she choose to hide herself away? Or were there people who didn’t want her to be famous? As the biographer is pulled into Edna’s life, she is confronted with the fact that how she tells Edna's past will affect her own future.

This elegant and engrossing novel explores how we value and celebrate art and artists’ lives. The Biographer’s Lover reminds us that all memory is an act of curation.

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For reviews, head to Books+Publishing, The Sydney Morning Herald, The AU Review, The Geelong Advertiser, and The Australian Book Review.


Running Dogs

Scribe, 2012

“Vibrant and startling, Running Dogs evokes all the colour, earthiness and glorious confusion of life in Jakarta, a city of passion and constant change.” – Tash Aw

‘Lyrical descriptions clash with harsh imagery to evoke a world of extreme privilege set among that of poverty, fear and political upheaval, where privilege and wealth are not enough protection from familial secrets and shame. Running Dogs is a powerful and nuanced debut novel.’  ★★★★ – Australian Bookseller & Publisher

‘Poetically sensuous and vividly evocative… This is a wonderfully nuanced first novel, conjuring up the visceral intensity of a crowded Asian country, where things are done differently, and European cultural sensibilities are of tenuous relevance. Highly recommended.’ -- Canberra Times

"Murray is more than just one to watch - she's one to read, right now." – The Age

Jakarta, 1997, and the city is on the verge of a revolution. Even the Jordan children — Petra, Isaak, and Paul — can feel it coming, shaking the edges of their privileged, protected expat world.

Years later, Australian development worker Diana moves to Reformasi Jakarta and becomes irrevocably entwined in the powerful Jordans’ adult lives. When the Jordans’ past comes back to haunt them, Diana struggles to understand a family where rumour and religion define the contours of the real, and nothing is quite as it seems.

Set in a global city where poverty, corruption and extreme wealth sit side by side, this is a novel about power and responsibility, about the stories we tell ourselves in order to survive, and the damage they can do.

Pick up your copy of Running Dogs at your local booksellers, or online at Readings, Booktopia, or Amazon.

Accolades for Running Dogs:

Sydney Morning Herald’s 2013 Best Young Australian Novelists.

Shortlist: 2013 Glenda Adams Prize in the New South Wales Premier’s Awards.

Longlist: 2013 Davitt Award.

Running Dogs is out in Australia and South East Asia through Scribe.

For reviews, see JKJ, The Canberra Times, The Melbourne Review, The Age, Readings, The Australian Book Review, lip magazine.

For interviews about Running Dogs, see ABC Radio National’s Books and Arts Daily, Time Out Magazine, The Wheeler Centre, RRR Radio, 3CR Radio, Express Media, Readings Monthly, 4ZZZ Radio.

Running Dogs is represented by Fiona Inglis at Curtis Brown Literary Agents.


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